Friday, November 11, 2011

Use Me/ Call Me/Come

Jan 1, 2011 10:45 pm
Jackie Thomas
Use Me /Call Me

Use Me, Use Me, Use Me, Use Me!
For there is non Like you, yes, Non Like you

Father we stand ready
Ready, Father, Ready
To do what you say
To move where you say Move
To release what you say Release!

Holy, Holy, Holy cry the multitude, cry the multitude
Release us Father
Release Us Father
So we can be used
So we can be used
So we can be used!

So I say to you, My children, My children
Arise, Arise, Arise!
This is the day, this is the Hour!

I call you Now

I call you Now
And the I AM says:
Come, Come My daughters Come, My sons, The time is yet Now
For Me to call you!

Use Me Father, Use Me Father, call me, call me and I am there!

Holy Holy Holy say all the multitude that cover your words , that cover your words ,that cover your words, as the ark of the covenant (of the tabernacle)!
We say Yes, We say Yes, Use me Father, Use me Father!

Come Holy Spirit, Come Lamb of God, Come Lord Come-------
Use me, use me, use me!

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