Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are you a pistachio?

Nov. 16,2011
Are you a pistachio? Are you closed up in a shell?
What and why are we talking about a pistachio (nut), how and in what context will it help us to get Closer to Him?
There is a dimension that will have us close ourselves off from others , a sortof hard exterior like a pistachio. Do we not want others to get "in" ,so to speak,? Are we trying extra hard not to let others ,even loved ones to actually "see" us and in "seeing" us ,have an opportunity to see what God has put in us, what the Holy Spirit is "working with" , as the new phrase is. We close up and are not forthcoming, are not "loving", as you will, because we put up a shell and will not let the others in, they might Hurt me, they might reject me, they might make fun of me; but they might not, they might just love you, care for you, fight for you not with you. They may be delighted and blessed to see you, and the YOU that is really deep inside minus the hurt, minus the hiding, minus the tentativeness, and the covering of ourselves, and the real essence that He has put in there to be discovered may emerge.
Did you notice that on some pistachios( not a whole lot of them) but they are closed up tight , really, really hard to get into ; but for the most part I believe that most of us would say that pistachios are partially opened, the shell does actually let you peer in and see some of that wonderful goodness and rich taste that is trapped inside of it. There is a space at which you can take a thumnail and actually get in and open it.
Those of us that have been hurt, that have not been forthcoming , that are causing "strife" in our relationships ,(Philoneikia -strife , contention,Antillogia- dispute,Logomachia -1 Timothy 6:4- strife of words) that we remember the pistachio and start to be more open ,where the goodness of God begins to be seen underneath and then finally the richness and joy and sharing of ourselves and our gifts begins to SHINE, begins to SHINE.  Take a chance, take a chance and when we do we will begin to see and be able to eat of that rich and delicious part that has been there all along if we had just opened up and let others in. Will it work everytime with others , maybe not and there maybe a small minority of people that still may cause you pause as you emerge from in that shell, but do not stop-- keep going , and reveal what He has given you, which is yours as a free gift, His Spirit. Let it emerge from out of the shell, let it emerge to bless others and as you do you  become Closer to Him. Many blessings today as you emerge,  and as you do, then you will begin to bless others. Selah!

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