Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kabod (His weighty Presence)

Kabod, have you ever felt this Presence in Him? Have you ever gone into a room or during Worship when you can sense and feel this Presence?
Ask today, ask  today that when you are worshipping , when you are praising , when you are glorifying Him, that you will KNOW His Presence.
Tomorrow or even today , tell Him:  Father, I want to feel your Presence , I want ALL things to just wash away and leave me , so that only You , only YOU are present with me.
Father, Father this day I am Yours, and I ask that NOTHING, NOTHING get between us ,not old matters, not new matters , not even the overthoughts of what we do for others that even You have directed us to do, just release me/us to Worship You, in abandon! Just let us have the same one -on- one with You that our souls desire that Our souls thirst for.
No amount of drugs, no amount of alcohol ,no amount of intimate relationships will eliminate my Need , my thoughts of, my love for only You. You have placed that desire for only You, in us; You placed it there in the garden, from our moment of BREATH.
Fill us, Fill us, Fill us to OVERFLOWING Father! Then we will start to feel Your Holy Presence, Your Kabod will show up, and carry us through and over every weight that besets us. Selah, Amen

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