Monday, November 21, 2011

Destiny awaits you/keys to destiny!

Sat.11/19/11 1:00 pm

There will never be another like You ! There will never ever be someone (else)                                                to take our hands and lead us to our destiny!
Our destiny is tied to You Oh, Lord.
Our destinies are tied to You! You have the answers . You have the answers .
So we must come to You, we must come to You.
For You say come, my little child come, be as a little child and climb unto my lap ,put your head on My shoulder and learn of Me.
I don’t care who you are; I don’t care that you may think you have arrived already in Me!
Just put your head down , just rest, just pause and I will take you places in Me, places you have never ever been. Places that you would not go alone.
Places that, inwardly, you would never admit scare you.  Places that you do not think you are worthy to be in and to ascend to.
Stop it, stop it, stop it ,STOP all the worldly doubt! Stop it.
I’ve got you , I’ve got you!  Dive in My son, Dive in My daughter and get saturated in the well of My love , My care, My everlasting friendship and My everlasting Fatherhood!
I love you with a love surpassing ALL that you have ever known and ever KNOW.
Just Hear My heart and take care and nurture My little ones, My little ones in age, My little ones in mind and maturity.
Just go for it I’ll back you up, Says the Spirit of All, the Holy One, the one who has both lock and key to your heart!

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