Friday, December 30, 2011

Renovation-Preparation=Single "Eye-sight"


All is right for now, right now!
What do you see with the “untrained eye”?
It is quite messy and dusty, and dirty things are out of place, disjointed
That is what we SEE to the “untrained eye”
That is what we SEE,
Step away, Look again,
SEE past what we think is Evident!
See beyond, SEE beyond
Then What will you see?

Beauty, cleanliness, order you then SEE the POSSIBILITIES-
You will SEE ME!
Will you allow the former (renovation/preparation) to see and prepare yourself-
For the beauty without and the beauty within?
Connect to your source so that while you are “going through”
The renovation/preparation-
That you will HOLD ON, you will “visualize”
Through your perfect SINGLE EYE the product, the action, the end result
Because the I AM has said “it is finished”
And in that perfect ”finished” work is perfection, beauty, and order
For ALL is as it SHOULD BE!
Preparation for that “SINGLE EYE- sight”
Selah! So It Is!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Connection" Revelations!

Prelude to todays blog: Yesterday in a  consignement/thrift store I have been in often, when I went to check out ,I went around the corner on this four-sided island that is used for checking out, (when I get an opportunity), I usually take the hangers off for them and separate the items. This time I was on the other side where I do not ever go and was separating them on the glass display, letting several others go first who only had one thing apiece. I was going about my business separating  hangers and was almost through ,looked down under the glass case and behold there was a preacher/evangelist 's Cd of a conference, it was pratically free, so I said let me have that conference tape/bundle too. She went through and there were several CD's , one out of place and loose and did not seem to have a plastic holder in there for it. I said not to worry I will watch it when I open it. I also told her well since I never come on this part of your counters and never buy anyhting from under this glass, I believe it was supposed to be and He is trying to tell me something. Friends let me say I played this morning starting with the CD that was "out of place". Was it ever for me and speaking directly to me re: "connections", I have always been about "connections"  for even He has called me a connector, as well. It (CD) was to tell me of the divine connections and the things that even seemed eschew ,shall we say, that even they were to push for divine connections. Here of late there has been new and ever more connectedness I am seeing and sensing in His plan. Thank You Father, for showing me even in those things that I thought were not very "good" or did not seem that I should be removed from, were to push me into further and further connections and the plan for my life,  to be able to meet others and to see Your weaving.
I suggest to us all today, look at these "connections" that He is bringing into your lives, yes He severed some, because they were not the "connections" , to do the work He was looking for you to do. Be aware that they are coming and in the works, ( "connections")  to thrust you in the middle of His plan for you.
Tomorrow for me is one of those new "connections", I know in my heart that it will be the beginning of setting many free and blessing them with what You would have them blessed for. Look for these new "connection" revelations in your life , as well.  For we don't know what or whom He will use to bring these things (connections) into place!Glory, glory to His name!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Great I Am!

Oh God, Father, the Great I Am, replenish us and renew us ,oh God! You are our supply , there is no life, there is no Breath without You. There is  no imagination. There is no thinking, there is no going beyond, without You.
Prince of Peace grant us absolution, as You have from the beginning. Love us Father, Love us Father, Love us again, Father, even when we seemed to act unloveable. We need You, we need You, we need You.
Your covering is All we will ever need!
He says, "Whatever you need call it Forth!"

Monday, December 26, 2011

We serve a Risen Savior

It was so beautiful  over the recent holiday; the music, so awe inspiring, and with giving in our hearts we greeted each other.
Do not forget however, that we serve a Risen Savior, a most powerful, and living and acting(on our behalf), Savior. He is magnificent, He is All powerful, He is All loving, He is omnipresent, He is our supply,He is omnipotent, He is our All in All.
He is not in a manger , He is the I Am, and is here and present right now w/in us (form of Holy Spirit).
Let us pray today that we See Him as He Is!
Great blessings  as the natural year of 2011 is drawing to a close-Jackie               

Friday, December 23, 2011

Body of Christ:

Body of Christ: In this time, in this season, My little ones will be coming to you, they will see that they can come as the door is open. However, it is your responsibility to love them, to welcome them and perhaps to nourish and mentor them.
They are coming to see if there is love there , to see if there is caring there, to see if there is Truth there! "I entrust them to you", says the Father. As you open your doors and your services; think of Me and how you would want to be treated yourself. Take the time, Take the time and you may win someone or you may win their heart......

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let Go and Let Him!

12/21/11 8:00 am
I, like some of you, have several , shall we call them, different 'projects' that are clearly 'up in the air', so to speak. We are awaiting either a go ahead or to have closure. I/we want to put our hand on it, we want to help (it) along. Patience is not something that is at work here. The temptaion is awesome to try and tweak, adding or subtracting, meeting or not meeting.
Today, today, I pray for 'letting go and let Him.' whether to go forward or to release , will not be determined by me!
So as the end of this year (natural) approaches ; I pray that I let go, and await with patience, the  loose ends of these 'projects' to come together or unravel,as he will have them. Some are major and some may be considered to be minor, but letting go is what shall be, is what shall be!
Stay my hand, Father, and raise Yours, Amen and amen.
Post script: right before getting ready to type this from writing tablet to blog. He answered me and gave me permission and the go ahead to pursue and tie up some loose ends on one 'project'. Isn't God good!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

and to each a measure of faith......

12/20/11 9:25 am
How much is your measure?
Is there such a thing as too much faith? How shall we extend that measure? Will He give us the mental fortitude to make it through? Trust Him, Try Him that He extend even further that measure of faith!
Make that your prayer today:
Abba Father , I/we would like a greater measure of faith, today. You are our intecessor and advocate, you beech continously on our behalf; today, today Father extend this measure and help us to walk through it All and straight into Your arms. May we put our head on Your chest as You sing to us , and nurture us far beyond any mother or father would do- Thank You Father, Thank You Abba, thank You Mighty One, mighty, mighty God, Mighty Wonder , capture our hearts! Thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son.
We bend our knees and say, thank You!

Monday, December 19, 2011


12/19/11 8:00 am
Now is the time for that perfect storm-the convergience of Truth and theWay. I have set All in  motion ;there will be no more delay.
I will provide people, places, and things to come together to birth what I have (en)visioned for you. Do not hide or try to get away, do not deny that it is Me. Walk straight and certain into this destiny! Lives will change and people will  begin to have opened eyes to SEE!  Walk right in sit and sup with Me,as we talk!
I am behind the scenes working on and orchestrating every move. I Am the Weaver and the Architect! Stay tuned and READY to  move at,  the blink of an Eye!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Faith--believing, even without immediate evidence to the contrary

Faith, believing ,even without evidence to the contrary that it will be, Just Believe, Just believe! Trust Him!

I've been released to tell you this true story in my life:
My mother, surely a woman of faith: We were walking along myself and my two siblings, early morning going to church, we walked sometimes along a major road with a lot of traffic. I started skipping along (remember when you used to skip, as a child) ,and went a little ahead when Suddenly, on a bush in plain sight was dollar bills of money strewn all over this bush "in plain sight", I beckoned my MoM and ,of course, started picking the money off the bush, there was no one else around , no one before or behind us that could have conceiveably let the money go, so we collected and gave to Mommy.
She remarked  after we counted how much, "this is exactly the amount I have been praying for ".
My Mom , was a woman of prayer and a woman of faith, she beleived God. I have been told a dozen years ago almost, that you had an encounter with an angel when you were a child, I'd like to think that this was at least one time that I did . Let us all Pray for Faith, today!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good morning Father, may we See You today!

Good morning Father, thank You Holy Spirit, Savior, Savior, Today, today we ask to SEE You! To see You in the man on the street as we walk by, on our co-workers, the service industry, those that we come in contact with today.
Let us SEE You and let them SEE You in me! Let them SEE YOU in me! Let my family know how much I love them and how much You love them. Glorify Your name! Glorify Your name , above All names!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome Holy Spirit.....

12/14/11 9:30 am
Welcome Hoy Spirit, Welcome Holy Spirit!

What a day this is, What a day this is!
I come to Empower you, I come to Bless you, I come to Endue you with Power!
I come to Hover over you, I come to Bless you, I come to Love you, I come that you may be, I come so that in Me, you may Be!
Take the I Am, and use it to do far, far, far beyond  what you could ever do, ever do, without Me!
Follow Me, My child follow Me, for you are My sheep, you are My passion, you are My children and I bless you, I bless you!
Walk with Me today for we are one, in the Holy Spirit, we are one , Inside of you, Inside of you!
Never deny Me, never deny Me!
 I died so that the Spirit of God, My Spirit, would dwell  with-in you, forever, forever!

Because I have passed-over you

12/14/11 9:20
Because I have passed over you and the death angel did not linger , rejoice , rejoice!
You are mine, you are mine and I claim you, I claim you!
Do you claim me? do you claim me? Is every waking moment I give you (because of My grace, My grace), are you using it, for My glory? Are you using it, for My glory?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Through him All things become easy!

Through Him all things become easy, as it is not us who will do it, it is Him .
For you see He is the I Am, He is the I Am for whatever is needed, if you need wisdom he is the I Am for you.
If you need love He is the I Am for you, If you need health He is the I Am ,that will fix All that is needed.
If you need grace He is the I Am , and the everpresent One, He renews that grace daily. Do not fear we have the I Am , He constantly intercedes for us, constantly.

Begin to see the I Am , that through grace enables you to be a light to this world!

Monday, December 12, 2011

He promises...forever!

Isa 59:19-21 says:
So shall they fear the name of the Lord, from the west, and His glory from the rising sun. When the enemy shall come in , like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.
And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn  from transgression in Jacob,saith the Lord.
As for me, this is My Covenant with them,saith the Lord; My Spirit that is upon thee (that's you), and My words which I have put in your mouth shall not depart out of thy mouth,nor out of the mouth of they seed (your children) nor out of the seed's seed (grandchildren), saith the Lord from henceforth and forever (that means still now!) (Emphasis mine)
one more:
Isa 60:19 The sun shall be no more thy light by day;neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee:but the Lord shall  be upon thee an everlasting light,and thy God thy Glory
*Grab on to these promises and truths today. blessings, Jackie

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Has He given you a burden (Baros)?

Is He giving you a burden for something : a certain people, a certain group, a certain cause?
Know that if you pray this, He is increasing that Burden. You are to get up, Arise and Do. Again get up, Arise and Do! You may not have the same burden,as your nearest and dearest,even your husband , your wife or your family, however, He intends that you carry out what He is telling you to do!
Can you imagine, if we All actually did that. How light the physical "burden" would begin to be for those in need, they would begin to have a "light "  time. That would free them up, to see Him, to see Jesus! To know , as in the bible, that these things that Jesus did was for our example, for our example.
Give in today,start to pray your "burden" ( your mission , your commission ,as it were) from Him, from Him!

Burden-Baros (greek) designated a weight, anything pressing on, or demands on resources material or spiritual or religious

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The truth will st man free!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Truth will set man free

Jackie Thomas
The Truth Shall Set You Free

It’s not wars or rumors of wars-
But the truth shall set man free
For I come to reveal the Father,    
I come to reveal the Father and yes…
The truth shall set man free.

Do not take on the nuances and the ways
Of Adam for I came to set man free!

No more sin consciousness are we-
For the truth shall set man free
Awake! Awake!
All men are called to awake,
The trump is sounding the angels are descending!
For the truth shall set man free

Open the wards, let the confused mind change, tell them:
The truth Shall Make Man free, the truth will set them free!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feeding the Hungry!

Feeding the hungry! 
He inspires me 99.5% of the time to talk about feeding your soul and your bond to getting Closer to Him and to Arise!
Today  let me talk to you about PHYSICAL HUNGER!
In yesterday's St. Pete Times newspaper (so that would be the 12/7 issue front page of 1b Tampa Bay section)- Headlines: there were 1,900 people in line, from first morning until dark, to get a box of food (Beaming Hope ministries -St Pete)
You skeptics! do you think they were faking?; the interviewer , interviewed some people in line ,the first ever that they had been in a food distribution line.  They are HUNGRY!
Do not turn a deaf ear to them, do  not turn a deaf ear to them! It looks like He wants me back involved again, back to help in what He gives me to do, in what He has told me I have a place helping and implementing in food for Hungry people.
Oh Lord, let us implement You, let us follow you; You on the mountaintops ,You in the plains -- feeding the hungry Thousands , thousands. Get INVOLVED!
I know today the St Pete Dream Center is also distributing food. Get involved! Get involved! He is calling me back to help in the capacities He designates.
Thank you Feeding America, we thank you.

Also bank of America is getting involved on their website they are matching 2 to 1, for every 1 dollar donated they will put in two!
Go to Bankof   you may designate to what food center. I urge you to think of St Pete Dream Center on 9th st S, St Pete, or to another location , get involved!
For He knew it would begin to feed the INNER man!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Possibilities : He spoke it, See it and now go get it!

Isa 46:9-11
Rememeber the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else like me, Declaring the end from the beginning ,and from ancient times the things that are not yet done,saying, My counsel shall satnd , and I will do all My pleasure: 11.....I have spoken it , I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.                                          

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You told me, "somebody, somewhere would love me"

New song /lyrics 12/6/11 2:30 pm
  Somebody, somewhere would love me,
  Somebody, somewhere would love me
  Somebody, somewhere would love me

It is You, Lord    It is You, Lord  It is You, Lord!

You told me, somebody would love me, You told me somebody  would love me, You told me somebody would love me, its' You Lord, It is YOU!

You told me somebody would care for me, You told me somebody would care for me,You told me somebody would care for me,
It is You Lord ,it is You!

You told me somebody would NEED me, somebody would NEED me, . You told me someday, someone would NEED me, You told me someday, someone would NEED me!
Thank You ,Lord, Thank You,because You have loved me,
I can give it away, I can give it away, to someone who NEEDS me, to someone who NEEDS me!
Thank You, Lord, Thank You, Lord , Thank You Lord!

I plant you!

8/24/11  10:30 a.m.
I plant you and I transplant you where I will, for My purposes , for My purposes.
Do not wiggle and squiggle and try and get out-because it is for My purposes; and My purposes alone, because you can not discern My ENTIRE purpose until I reveal to you my, yes My entire will for this time.
Just continue in this path I have directed you to, till times, and times and 1/2 times shall pass, then My diect will and plan will be revealed. At THAT time , at that very TIME  you will say,"Aha, I see it now, I see What You were doing Here, What You  were doing there, I see, I SEE said the blind eye, I see , I SEE says His truth."

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tied to Him

What if we weren't Democrats or Republicans but, "In Him"
Let's imagine that He would let us know what He wanted, How He would solve the problem of jobs, the economy, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and housing the homeless, LET'S ASK HIM!

Father, Father, You have the answers, You have the answers! What would You have me/us do? What would You have me/us pray?
How can I spread your message of love,  concern, stability, no judgement and care and even more LOVE.
Holy Spirit, You are the Comforter! Comfort All within the influence of this post! We love You, You are Jehovah Jireh, our PROVIDER!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Are you walking in your destiny?

12/2/11 10:00 a.m.
Are you walking in your destiny? For the Father is saying,"It is time now, it is time Now! for you, for you."

You know WHO you are, you KNOW who you are! For in knowing WHOSE you are, for in KNOWING whose you are ,you will know That The Time Is Now! For it is not about me/you, it is about Him!
He has blessed this Time for you to walk into DESTINY!
You know, WHAT it is! You KNOW, what it is! Put myself/yourself aside and walk INTO Him, I say Walk into Him!
Father , Father we want all that You have for us, ALL,to give away, to give away and in giving away the very act of giving it away; we will be REPLENISHED; the curtains will draw back and the DOOR with the KEYS will be Revealed, Revealed! Cover us and help us to walk COMPLETE in You, yes complete in You, walking straight into our destinies!
Praise the Holy One!  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time to Reengage!

For I hear Him, He is telling us to Reengage! While so many of us are engaging in the political debate,of itself,  If the discussion is done "in love"there is nothing wrong with it,but wouldn't it be better to just REENGAGE in our fellow human beings! Our families, our churches,the needy,the singles,the long-since forgotten friends and companions. Reengage My loves,reengage , reengergize your Relationships, that have been remaining dormant!
For you say,"I am busy, I have no time." Really, Really? You can't carve anytime out to reengage and influence another generation,or the same generation or the older generation.
Call someone, make a date (get 2 dates out there one will surely work) Have some coffeee or tea, make some plans .
Influence your universe!  Go ahead you can do it.
Pray and Go, Pray and Go,Pray and Go! Your spirit man  will jump with excitement of the realignments that can ocur. Hello to the Lamb of God, Who shares with us the HEALING of the Nations. Glory to His name.
Revive us lord, Revive Us!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Commission (noun)
Epitrope-Greek-denotes a turning over (to another), a referring of a thing to another   (epi-over; trepo-to turn) and so a commital of full powers, a commission

Your commission????????

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have you been given the Go sign (fromHim),but still you sit?

Nov 28,2011
Have you been given the Go sign,from Him, but still you sit? Still you sit?
Reasoning , thinking, procrastinating!
You know He has given  the Go signs to you, and you are AFRAID to move foreward.
You say to yourself, maybe the time is not right , maybe I have misread or misheard the signs?
When ,in essence ,you are actually delaying the Dream ,the Vision, the Reality , as you talk yourself out of the Go!
What part of Go, I send , Go it is ok, Go I have opened the way, Go I have ordained that it is ready , Go! don't we/ you understand?
Get ready, get set, GO, My people! Do as He has commissioned you to do. Go, and the Dreams and Visions He has given you will be reality.
Do not be afraid ; Go, if you continue to sit, you are the one blocking the Vision.
You are the one Not carrying out what He clearly has told you to do! 
Glory, glory, glory to Him, that has given you All the dreams and Visions, Glory that He has said GO! All Things Are Ready!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Worship the Lord!

Surprise and Delight awaits the man who Worships Him!

Oct 19, 2011
written at 7:00 a.m.
Jackie Thomas

Surprise and delight awaits the man , the woman, the child that worships the Lord!
When we worship the Lord, burdens are lifted and PEACE descends, Yes Peace descends.
 Let us worship Him, let us worship Him,
For He is worthy , He is worthy , He is worthy of adoration, He is worthy of the Highest Praise.
He is worthy, as He took the throne after ascending from the depths here on earth to earn our worship and adoration.
Let us worship him in spirit and in truth .
Let us worship Him in the sunshine , let us worship Him in the rain.
For His reign is touching us and causing every knee to bow at the mention of His name , our knees should bow!

It is written that every knee should bow at the mention of His name!

Oh, the Glory of His presence, we your people give You reverence, come and Rise to Your rest and be blessed as we Glory in Your embrace.........(hear the melody of that song)
Imagine the surprise and delight of those who do not KNOW you, Yes KNOW You!
Hallelujah, to the Lamb
Halllelujah to the Lamb of God, for He alone is worthy, amen and Amen

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kabod (His weighty Presence)

Kabod, have you ever felt this Presence in Him? Have you ever gone into a room or during Worship when you can sense and feel this Presence?
Ask today, ask  today that when you are worshipping , when you are praising , when you are glorifying Him, that you will KNOW His Presence.
Tomorrow or even today , tell Him:  Father, I want to feel your Presence , I want ALL things to just wash away and leave me , so that only You , only YOU are present with me.
Father, Father this day I am Yours, and I ask that NOTHING, NOTHING get between us ,not old matters, not new matters , not even the overthoughts of what we do for others that even You have directed us to do, just release me/us to Worship You, in abandon! Just let us have the same one -on- one with You that our souls desire that Our souls thirst for.
No amount of drugs, no amount of alcohol ,no amount of intimate relationships will eliminate my Need , my thoughts of, my love for only You. You have placed that desire for only You, in us; You placed it there in the garden, from our moment of BREATH.
Fill us, Fill us, Fill us to OVERFLOWING Father! Then we will start to feel Your Holy Presence, Your Kabod will show up, and carry us through and over every weight that besets us. Selah, Amen

Friday, November 25, 2011

What are you expecting today?

Happy Thanksgiving one and all, if you were able to assemble as a family or group or not able this time, cherish each other and be blessed in this American tradition- blessings Jackie

What are your Expectations today?

10/22/11 7:30 am

Expect Love, Expect caring, Expect Revelations, Expect Insight.
Expect that today will be the day that as heirs of the Father we will
Overcome All that will try and defeat us today, Expect Light, Expect to See,
Expect Him to cover All!
Do not let go of these expectations today,  It is a rite and a promise as sons and
Heirs of The Promise!

11Samuel  22:18-20
11 Samuel 22:33
God is my strength and He maketh my way perfect
11Samuel 22:37
He has enlarged my steps under me, so that my feet did not slip
…and showeth mercy to his anointed ,unto David , and to his seed forevermore. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Masters Touch brings sight!

"Then He touched their eyes , saying, "According to your faith let it be to you " (Matt. 9:29)
The Master Touch produces sight (excerpts from, So I Send You, Workmen of God - byOswald Chambers)
In human sight the thing we soon first loose is what Ruskin called, "the innocence of the eye".
If you have ever been taught by anyone to see(as in art), you will know what that means. Drummond said that Ruskin taught him to see. An artisit does not tell us WHAT he sees, he ENABLES us to see: he communicates the unutterable identity of what he sees.
Jesus never tells us what to see, but when His touch is upon our eyes ,we KNOW that we see WHAT He is seeing. He restores the pristine innocence of sight. "Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3)
Paul was sent by God to "open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light" (Acts 26:18)
The Master (Artist,God) used strange things to open blind eyes, spittle, clay, and water from a pool, but rememeber He used them, and He produced the  miracle of sight.   

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Believe In Yourself!

Believe In Yourself (from the Wiz)

If you believe in yourself
Within your heart you'll know
That no one can change
The path that you must go

Believe what you feel
And know you're right, because
The time will come around
When you say it's yours

Believe there's a reason to be
Believe you can make time stand still
You know from the moment you try
If you believe
I know you will

Believe in yourself, right from the start
You'll have brains
You'll have a heart
You'll have courage
To last your whole life through

If you believe in yourself
If you believe in yourself
If you believe in yourself
As I believe in you  (As He, believes in you, emphasis mine)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Destiny awaits you/keys to destiny!

Sat.11/19/11 1:00 pm

There will never be another like You ! There will never ever be someone (else)                                                to take our hands and lead us to our destiny!
Our destiny is tied to You Oh, Lord.
Our destinies are tied to You! You have the answers . You have the answers .
So we must come to You, we must come to You.
For You say come, my little child come, be as a little child and climb unto my lap ,put your head on My shoulder and learn of Me.
I don’t care who you are; I don’t care that you may think you have arrived already in Me!
Just put your head down , just rest, just pause and I will take you places in Me, places you have never ever been. Places that you would not go alone.
Places that, inwardly, you would never admit scare you.  Places that you do not think you are worthy to be in and to ascend to.
Stop it, stop it, stop it ,STOP all the worldly doubt! Stop it.
I’ve got you , I’ve got you!  Dive in My son, Dive in My daughter and get saturated in the well of My love , My care, My everlasting friendship and My everlasting Fatherhood!
I love you with a love surpassing ALL that you have ever known and ever KNOW.
Just Hear My heart and take care and nurture My little ones, My little ones in age, My little ones in mind and maturity.
Just go for it I’ll back you up, Says the Spirit of All, the Holy One, the one who has both lock and key to your heart!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lord, thank you for being our sacrifice!

Jan 12, 2011
11:30 a.m.
Jackie Thomas

Lord, Thank You for being Our Sacrifice

There will never be another
There will never be another
There will never be another
There will never be another
Lord, Thank You
Lord, Thank You
Lord, Thank You  for being our sacrifice  
And in being our sacrifice
You obeyed the Father
You obeyed the Father
Lord, thank You
Lord, thank You
Lord, thank You
Lord, thank You (echo)
Lord ,thank You (echo)
Lord ,thank You (echo)
Lord, thank You for being Our Sacrifice
 Lord, thank You for being Our Sacrifice
Lord, thank You for being our Sacrifice 

Friday, November 18, 2011

May He fill you and comfort you, today!

This morning He is filling and comforting me. He is filling in all the spots that need filling He is comforting and caring for me , so that I may ,in turn, be a comfort and a light.
He tells us that when our well is running dry that He, through the Spirit will never let us go, He will never let us down ; His Holy Spirit is there to catch us and not let us fall.  He fills the spaces in us that are wanting ,He alone activtates the Holy Spirit to comfort and care for us , filling us as likea lamp that is going dim, He provides what is necessary to boost the wattage, to light the way. He gives me/you the breath to go on to accomplish those things He has designed  us for . Never fear that we are going on empty or using our own strength.
For His strength is our strength! We feel that it is sometimes by birth or family that gives us strength, it is Him, it is Him! let us tap that place in us, ask Him to fill us, tell Him that we feel that our rope will stretch no longer ; stand before Him, or kneel before Him, or lay before Him and tell Him thank you that you KNOW that it is Him in us that gives us these perfect gifts, that gives us His strength. He sees us and He KNOWS us from our mother's womb. Breathe on us today Father, breathe on us and through us to give us LIFE. The Life in abundance that You have promised.  We ARISE in that Promise, we ARISE in that Promise.(Anistemi,Anistemi-- greek=arise) You give us the strength and the fortitude to do what you have called us to do. What is that , what is that, what has He called you to do? For He has strengthen and lengthen us to do it!
Please meditate on this today-He will do it! He will do it!
11Cor 6:4 - But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses,  in stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in fastings: by pureness, by knowledge, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost (Spirit), by love unfeigned, By the word of truth, by the  power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left....(continue through 10: (11Cor.6:4-10)  All blessings today, as He fills and refills again and again...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

He is: the Weaver and the Architect

Words by Jackie Thomas 
The day has been designed for you to see My glory            
My glory, is your glory, My glory, is your glory
Interwoven tightly in a tap--estry

I am the Weaver, I am the Weaver        
The Peacemaker, the Architect, the Struc-ture
All that I have I give to you
          What you bind on earth I’ll bind above
          See that what you say is said in Love
                    Watch and see My hand today
          Everywhere I send you, there I am
          Everywhere that I am, there you are
               Walk certain in My Love---, We are interwoven tightly in a tapestry

My visage was so marred and death it did enfold me  
But I walked out, glorified, Yes I walked out, glorified
I walked out alive for etern-ity
I will cause you to arise, to places of authority
That is that, walk in it, that is that, walk in it
W----alk in my love—We are interwoven tightly in a tapestry
          What you bind on earth I’ll bind above
          See that what you say is said in Love
                    Watch and see My hand today
                  Everywhere I send you, there I am
          Everywhere that I am, there you are
          Walk certain in My Love---, We are interwoven tightly in a    

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are you a pistachio?

Nov. 16,2011
Are you a pistachio? Are you closed up in a shell?
What and why are we talking about a pistachio (nut), how and in what context will it help us to get Closer to Him?
There is a dimension that will have us close ourselves off from others , a sortof hard exterior like a pistachio. Do we not want others to get "in" ,so to speak,? Are we trying extra hard not to let others ,even loved ones to actually "see" us and in "seeing" us ,have an opportunity to see what God has put in us, what the Holy Spirit is "working with" , as the new phrase is. We close up and are not forthcoming, are not "loving", as you will, because we put up a shell and will not let the others in, they might Hurt me, they might reject me, they might make fun of me; but they might not, they might just love you, care for you, fight for you not with you. They may be delighted and blessed to see you, and the YOU that is really deep inside minus the hurt, minus the hiding, minus the tentativeness, and the covering of ourselves, and the real essence that He has put in there to be discovered may emerge.
Did you notice that on some pistachios( not a whole lot of them) but they are closed up tight , really, really hard to get into ; but for the most part I believe that most of us would say that pistachios are partially opened, the shell does actually let you peer in and see some of that wonderful goodness and rich taste that is trapped inside of it. There is a space at which you can take a thumnail and actually get in and open it.
Those of us that have been hurt, that have not been forthcoming , that are causing "strife" in our relationships ,(Philoneikia -strife , contention,Antillogia- dispute,Logomachia -1 Timothy 6:4- strife of words) that we remember the pistachio and start to be more open ,where the goodness of God begins to be seen underneath and then finally the richness and joy and sharing of ourselves and our gifts begins to SHINE, begins to SHINE.  Take a chance, take a chance and when we do we will begin to see and be able to eat of that rich and delicious part that has been there all along if we had just opened up and let others in. Will it work everytime with others , maybe not and there maybe a small minority of people that still may cause you pause as you emerge from in that shell, but do not stop-- keep going , and reveal what He has given you, which is yours as a free gift, His Spirit. Let it emerge from out of the shell, let it emerge to bless others and as you do you  become Closer to Him. Many blessings today as you emerge,  and as you do, then you will begin to bless others. Selah!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Be still I KNOW that I am God!

Be still and KNOW that I am God!
This is what Gabby Giffords mom heard when she was getting into her car to go to the hospital after she heard her daughter had been shot.
So she determined to do just that and joined with her son-in-law to believe that.
(ABC  interview last night with Diane Sawyer)
So I say to you today..Be still and KNOW that I am God, is what we should stand on. Glory to God!

Monday, November 14, 2011

All the People sing Praises to His Name

ALL THE PEOPLE WILL SING PRAISES!                                
Words:Jackie Thomas                                                                                                     




WE ADORE YOU………………….


LION OF JUDAH!………………………

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Name of All Names II

Name Of All Names –
(We wish to follow You )

You who are name of all names
We wish to follow You!
We wish to follow You!

When we were just light-
And then was clothed in flesh,
We forgot, We forgot!

We wish to remember,
We Have to remember!
We wish to follow you
We wish to be Like You!
We forgot , We forgot! We wish to remember!

Shine Your light on us, shine Your light on us,
 and help us to remember!

We want to shed away All that is not of You!
We want to shed away All that is Not of You!
Abba Father, Abba Father
Shed Your light on us!
Shed Your light On us!
Name Above names-Name of All names.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Use Me/ Call Me/Come

Jan 1, 2011 10:45 pm
Jackie Thomas
Use Me /Call Me

Use Me, Use Me, Use Me, Use Me!
For there is non Like you, yes, Non Like you

Father we stand ready
Ready, Father, Ready
To do what you say
To move where you say Move
To release what you say Release!

Holy, Holy, Holy cry the multitude, cry the multitude
Release us Father
Release Us Father
So we can be used
So we can be used
So we can be used!

So I say to you, My children, My children
Arise, Arise, Arise!
This is the day, this is the Hour!

I call you Now

I call you Now
And the I AM says:
Come, Come My daughters Come, My sons, The time is yet Now
For Me to call you!

Use Me Father, Use Me Father, call me, call me and I am there!

Holy Holy Holy say all the multitude that cover your words , that cover your words ,that cover your words, as the ark of the covenant (of the tabernacle)!
We say Yes, We say Yes, Use me Father, Use me Father!

Come Holy Spirit, Come Lamb of God, Come Lord Come-------
Use me, use me, use me!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Suffer the little children to come unto Me!

11/6/11 3:46 pm
Suffer the little children to come unto Me. Are we as little children?Are we still curious, do we all still love Him?  Are we still fascinated by the Wonder? Yes, the wonder of it All.
I/we Father, want to continue to be in awe! We want to continue to know that You still love us and You will never ever leave us or blame us and then not forgive us. For You love us unconditionally and You put anything as far from You and forget, as if it never happened.
You are the only one who can ever really do that for us. 
Glory to God ,Glory to God

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yesterday the 8th, I went to the House of Prayer 13301 Walshingham, (Gulfront Church) in Largo, FL. For those of you living not far, don't miss this , go , go as soon as possible , for you will be replenished and renewed (Anakainoo- to make new again). Replensh is to restore and restock.
To continue I felt to go to this House of Prayer because I had heard from a few , this dedicated building, for that is what it is; is to have just you and Him together in a dedicated place of prayer.  I will refer to their facebook page for pictures that does not do this place justice. As I drove, as it actually became known to me after that I had turned wrong and went on and around the way there when I could have been more direct, but I digress. I was not feeling really special, but I said ," I will not turn, around I will get there ". Finally thankfully, I had the phone number and called  and I was "almost there " ,as the man who answered told me. Actually I was actually yards away ,really. Parked and went in; several fore rooms, you are then instructed to take off your shoes and cover your feet with little booties (surgical footies). There is absolutely NO TALKING WHATSOEVER  in the chapel, there is a rock in the middle of the room (seems like the stone that was rolled away from the tomb) which you may kneel , the whole room covered in wall to wall and some few chairs and beautiful CD of worship music, it is beautiful and serene. I FELT and KNEW this was a PLACE of His PRESENCE (not that He is not everywhere), but in this place there was HIS PRESENCE!   Started weeping immediately, not crying weeping , and I knew He said," I told you, you would find Me, if you continued to come and push through." I wrote some things down , for there is a desk and I prayed and wept and then layed on the floor in this beautiful place and felt Him  all over me.I was replenished and renewed and Closer To Him because of it. There has been no where else I believe that has come close to the peace and sanctity of Him, there. Have been released to share this with you . They are open 9-9 weekdays except wed to 7 pm I think, I don't remember Sat, Sun. The facebook is House of prayer or HOP, if I am remembering correctly , go there if you can, satay a half hour, stay minutes, stay hours; if not pray that He will reveal a PLACE that you may find to renew and then replensh. May He be with you today, blessings!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Cloud

Word of the Lord
 Jackie Thomas

Cry out to Me
Cry out to Me
Cry out to Me, says the Father
There has never been a day such as today,
Never Been a day such as today
Do not think that it will pass, this day,
This day is here for you to see My glory,
My glory will become your glory because I say that you will do these greater
things through Me, through Me,
Do not be dismayed, do not think
“How can this be”, I have been trying to tell you for so long,
So long to come up higher and I will meet you in the cloud, that cloud
That cloud of the Shekinah Glory, I will make you to shine,
I will make you to shine.
Do not be dismayed children, do not be dismayed
For I will cause it to shine over you, I will cause it to shine over you
And you will reap its benefits, My benefits,
Just love Me, Just love Me and worship Me alone.

Then will the glory drop, the glory drop,
The Shekinah Glory will drop over you, over you My people,
Gather there ,gather there, and See My Glory,
The Shekinah Glory drop amongst you.
In the midst will It drop, In the midst will It drop but only
Certain ones will See It and feel It, those that worship Me in spirit and in truth, says the Spirit of the Lord

Monday, November 7, 2011

law of place

Dr Mike Murdoch
The law of place
When you are where you are supposed to be, you will have no equal
Provision is the confirmation you are where you are supposed to be
When Elijah was at the river, the river dried up and he had to remove to the place called There

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beacons and He is our guiding Light

Jackie Thomas
Beacons, Beacons that’s what I see that will All come from Me
Just stand still and see-how I will work All for good you’ll see

Just believe in Me
Just leave EVERYTHING to Me-
Trust Me with all your fears and concerns because I care for you
I will never, never let you go, here it comes wave after wave
And the flood of the Spirit will come to engulf you All and set others free!
Arise, arise and believe and trust only Me.

8:20 a.m.

A Festival of the Eyes for All to see
That is what You want, for you and me
Never to have a clouded look 
We are to see through the eyes of the “book” (bible)

Father, Father we love you
You would never, ever give us pause
Only You are our Guiding Light
Only You are our Guiding Light

You light up the darkness
You light up the darkness

May it ever, ever Be so, Amen

Oh, how my/our heart breaks towards You  (Father)                                                                                        

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Psalms113 (remember these are promises made)

Praise Ye the Lord, Praise  O ye servants of the Lord, praise the name of the Lord.
Blessed the name of the Lord, from this time forth and for evermore.
From the rising of  the sun until the going down of the same, the Lord's name is to be praised.
The Lord is High above all nations, and His glory above the heavens.
Who is like unto the Lord  our God,who dwelleth on high,
Who humbleth himself to behold the things that are in heaven, and the earth!
He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill:
That He may set him with princes of his people.
He maketh the barren woman to keep house , and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Two Parts

11/4/11 9:40 a.m.

Two parts, human and Spirit,which one will win out today? (you) Choose!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Faith In Me,I have everything that you need!

Wed 11/2/11 1:45 am
Stay your mind, Stay your imagination- Look towards Me, Look towards Me,When you don't know, when you can't feel, When you wouldn't let go,
Have faith-Have faith
Just look at Me, Look for Me
Look up, Look up, Look up
Do not put your head down
Lift your head up, Lift your head up-
You  have everything that you need, You have everything that you need.
do not be defeated, do not be defeated
Stay in Me, Stay in Me-I have everything that you need
Just call on Me, Just call on Me -- Have Faith
Do not be afraid , Do not be afraid
I have everything that you need
I have everything that you need
Have Faith, Have Faith
I am Abba Father,
I am your Abba,   Faith
You have everything that you need
I have everything that you need

 Thursday 11/3/11 8:45 a.m.
Trust in Me and follow,
As I have already arranged the pieces of your life
I have arranged where you fit in!
Where you fit in, perfectly, as it were, where you fit in as perfect as a puzzle piece that the last piece has been missing and is now found!
That you fit, that you fit!
I know that it "appears" to you that you had fit in other places and other spaces but that was not My highest and best place for you .
That was not My highest and best place for you.
When I tell you, when you KNOW--Shift, yes Shift!
Do  not become complacent and immoveable,
because as I the Most High God,will CHANGE the chest board, so to speak, will CHANGE the chest board.
Are you Ready? Have you heard from Me?
Now Go, Go, Go---
Get set, Get Ready, Go!
Your SHIFT has started!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Leaders/Servants of God

Wed 6:45 am 11/2/11 Step out, step out ,step out of the boat and let the healing hand of God,
wash over you,wash over you.
Even you, leader,
Even you servant of God,
Even you that have walked with Him for years and all your life
He extends healing to you, He extends blessings to you,He extends for you to walk out of the lethargy and funk you have been in.
Walk out -Step out and ask Him to move you, to move you, move you to be nearer Him, nearer Him.
He will give you the deeper things of Him, He will extend you the deepness in Him that you then may extend to others.
Has He put people in your life? It is for you to impact them and impart what He has given to you, leader/servant of God.
Do not fear, do not question
Step out, Step out ,Step out and you will enjoy more and deeper communications with Him ,
to go higher, to go wider, to go deeper to get... Closer to Him!
Believe  and Step out, today .

Sending revelations and wisdom and Healings in Jesus Name, In Jesus name,In Jesus name

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Redeemed of the Cross!

Redeemed of the cross, loved of  His name we worship you!
Holy Father we worship You, You gave us Your Son to be the one , the one to stabalize man;
to put man on the path to You!
You recreated the garden, the garden where man first met You,
Where You created him to be in Your image.
What happened to that garden?
What happened to man, that first heard Your voice in the garden?
When You were sacrificed we Heard You again;
Forgive them, Forgive them, Forgive them  and IT IS Finished!(Done)
There is no more for Him to do! 
Our turn.......
follow Him, do what He did,Speak as He spoke,Love the other man as He love(d) and Love(s) us!
Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord  
For Your Love,
For Your Example,
For Your Sacrifice, we wish to follow You ,Follow You back to the garden where we spoke and walked together in the cool of the day!
Glory, Glory to His name, Thank You!       

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sing a Song

9/24/11 9;00 a.m.

Sing a song of Zion
Oh Zion, Oh Zion
Hear us Father, Hear us Father
Things are breaking down All over.
We need You, we NEED YOU!

Only You are the answer
Stand a little closer, yes move a little closer
Only He can do it through you, Yes through you.

No, you are not a Lone Ranger but only as Tonto ,
Only as a participant , a participant in the glory,
A participant that He has,
Blessed to be a blessing ,will we know that our participation is through Him!
There is no other way,
There is no other way.

Throw the doors open(sanctuary) , profess loudly All that He has for us!

To achieve those greater works that He talked about--
Those greater works are waiting for us--- to pick up the mantle!
It is not conditional, it is FOR SURE, It is FOR EVERLASTING,
We did not EARN it, and we are not DUE it,
But for the fact that we are SONS and Daughters of the most High God

We praise you Father, we adore you Father, and
we are LOOKING FORWARD to being Used  by YOU!
And doing those Greater works , for the body, THROUGH YOU!
We are willing vessels !

Pour into Us,
Pour into Us,
Pour into Us,
Until we overflow.
Until we overflow
With Your Grace, Amen and Amen

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Have A Dream,Too (also)

Sunday 10/30/11 9 a.m. Jackie Thomas
I have a dream also, where all men arise and become the Sons of God, living and  moving in His Spirit;
that we grab onto the gifts He has given and arise and demonstrate what we already have inside of us!
Where people are healed and come to understand the love of a Supreme Father, that will never ever let us down and only wishes for us to arise and defeat those dark shadows that would pull us down.
People of God ,everyone, Arise . He has given us this day! I have a dream the Father has for us!
People, Awake, Awake Awake to that righteousness!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love Flows

Sat 10/29/11
8:00 a.m.

Love Flows
Love Flows undeniably from His throne room,
Love Flows undeniably from His throne of Grace
Love Flows undeniably from Him to us
Which way is Our love flowing and to Whom?

Love (noun &verb)
verb Agapao and corresponding noun Agape
Agape and Agapeo are used in the New Testament -to describe the attitude of God toward His Son-
John 17:26
The human race generally John 3:16, Rom 5:8
and to such as believe on the Lord, particularly John 14:21
to convey to His children concerning their attitude one toward another
John 13: 34  and toward all men 1 Thes 3:12, 1 Cor. 16:14, 2 Peter 1:7,
to express the true Nature of God, 1 John 4:18

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Truth Shall Set You Free 2

8/26/ 08(?)
7:30 pm
Jackie Thomas
The Truth Shall Set You Free

It’s not wars or rumors of wars-
But the truth shall set man free
For I come to reveal the Father,    
I come to reveal the Father and yes…
The truth shall set man free.

Do not take on the nuances and the ways
Of Adam for I came to set man free!

No more sin consciousness are we-
For the truth shall set man free
Awake! Awake!
All men are called to awake,
The trump is sounding the angels are descending!
For the truth shall set man free

Open the wards, let the confused mind change, tell them:
The truth Shall Make Man free, the truth will set them free!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Wed 10/26/11
4:25 pm

Do we want MORE from Him? Or do we want DEEPER and more intimate, and dare I say,less shallow?
As we pray we really believe we want MORE, we want to have added to us more things, more truths,       more ministry, more , more more.
Let us ask for DEEPER, DEEPER, DEEPER, in You.

No more, Not to have faith  to go through, yes, the faith to go through; Give us DEEPER  let us KNOW, that the Holy Spirit has "our backs", so to speak!
Actually our fronts & our sides and our head and underneath, too! Hallelujah!

Father Deepen my/our relationship with you, let us KNOW  you more intimately, than our earthly mother, father, husband, wife, sister, brother ALL the earthly relationships; give us ,Father, understanding of the DEEP and abinding sense of YOU.
Take us back to when You  first KNEW us , before yes before, we had earthly relationships.
You KNEW us , You KNEW us in the garden, You KNEW us! May we KNOW YOU, may we KNOW YOU,so that it will astound us, more than the most extended math equation, more than infinity?
Let us KNOW YOU, let us have fellowship and partnership with only YOU?
Let us KNOW the DEEP things so that we alone will call DEEP to DEEP between ourselves, between You and I . Amen and Amen , selah so be it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Tuesday 10/25/11
9:30 am
What is meant ,really,by insight?
In (in myself, in me); sight (see, see further)
is that what He would have us see,?What He would have us know?

Divine Insight is something very special,very rare--as we get Closer to Him, with this rare divine insight we become keener and keener within.
Trust yourself, trust Him, that He is building inside of you, as we get Closer to Him!
As you build relationship!
This is His desire that He has relationship with you,that He and you enjoy communion!

Koinonia ; having in common (koinos) partnership, fellowship  (communiate) the share which one has in anything, a partcipation ,thus it is said a common experience

Let us use the insight into Him that He is illuminating everyday to us, Let us share and have Koinonia (communion) with our God-so the revelations and insights  into ourselves and the world around us Grows and Grows!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Believe In Yourself (lyrics from the Wiz)

If you believe
Within your heart you'll know
That no one can change
The path that you must go

Believe what you feel
And know you're right, because
The time will come around
When you say it's yours

Believe there's a reason to be
Believe you can make time stand still
You know from the moment you try
If you believe
I know you will

Believe in yourself, right from the start
You'll have brains
You'll have a heart
You'll have courage
To last your whole life through

If you believe in yourself
If you believe in yourself
If you believe in yourself
As I believe in you  (As He, believes in you, emphasis mine)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gated Communities

Gated Communites, do we live there to keep others out ,or wall ourselves in? Think of this in spiritual , spiritual terms.
Do we try and get away from those that need?
Aside from what we see as safety concerns: are we radiating out to reach others, or are we using this to separate?
When did we last volunteer,or mentor or just mix in with others ? If so great! If not is it not the TIME?
Reach out today,reach out this week,this  month, this year!
Take the Lord at His word ,that we become the Light!
Bloom where you are planted and let it radiate from your center (heart),let it go beyond the gates and run down the streets and into other communities , to other people groups.
Get out of your comfort zone; do as He did walk amongst them.   See the good that you can do beyond the gates, beyond the walls.
What's your city?
Just share and shine , as He would have you shine and share,today!                      

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Encourage Yourself (David at Ziklag)

Oct 23,2011

I was about to do personal devotions this morning when I went through the room and the TV was on and I saw T.D. Jakes, Potter's House- he was speaking of Ziklag (city) and David (1Samuel)
When David returned from victory, but at a cost , the women and children had been captured and taken away.
David's men were despondent,they were disheartened ,they were rising up against David and questioning
his leadership, they were  loosing faith in their leader.
David fell on his knees and enquired of the Lord, David asked should I pursue the captors? He (Lord) answered and said ,"Pursue and you shall recover All" (1 Samuel 30:8)
Then David ENCOURAGED himself!

Are you there? Pursue and Recover All-  Encourage Yourself!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What are your Expectations today?

What are your expectations today?
10/22/11 7:30 am

Expect Love, Expect caring, Expect Revelations, Expect Insight.
Expect that today will be the day that as heirs of the Father we will
Overcome All that will try and defeat us today, Expect Light, Expect to See,
Expect Him to cover All!
Do not let go of these expectations today,  It is a rite and a promise as sons and
Heirs of The Promise!

11Samuel  22:18-20
11 Samuel 22:33
God is my strength and He maketh my way perfect
11Samuel 22:37
He has enlarged my steps under me, so that my feet did not slip
…and showeth mercy to his anointed ,unto David , and to his seed forevermore.                           

Friday, October 21, 2011

Labor to Rest , be constant in Prayer!

Again I say unto you, that if two or more of you agree on earth as touching and anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father, which is in heaven. Matt: 18:19

Our Holy Father wishes to do much through you and with you in prayer.
Those who have a calling to prayer and intercession walk sometimes a lonely path, however,  there has been a clear step ladder to go between the Earth and  the heavenlies, the supernatural.

You are called right now, right NOW into the supernatural realm , The SUDDENLY, the NOW!
You are to speak of those things that your Father would have you speak.  Your Father would have you speak!
Do not give POWER to any other kingdom but to His KINGDOM in your prayers.  You are all the Melchisedec generation-you are a Royal priesthood.
Never fear this –move forward praying the Kingdom, which is, within you constantly.

You are to be constant and vigilant because in Heb. 6:14-it says:
Surely blessing, I will bless thee and multiplying I will multiply thee.
He has continued in saying that: “My house will be called a house of prayer.”
For in Heb 5:12- For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged –sword piercing even to the divining asunder of soul and spirit and the joints and marrow and is a discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart.

As you have been designated a forerunner, to usher in His Kingdom within.
Pray the promises which are true and amen.
 Lift up the sojourner, lift up the sheep, the lambs and the stranger. Pray that their hearts will come and meld, pray that they  find their rest in Him .

I want to communicate with all the prayer warriors.
Lift up yours heads be encouraged ,the Father loves you and has entrusted to your soul as in Isa 61: 2 and 3 :
To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all that mourn, to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.

You are called the repairer of the breach, lift your head up prayer warriors and be encouraged that you are never alone,
That the gifts that have been bestowed on you are so necessary in the body.  Labor to Rest!

Rest In HIM that ,“it is finished”, it is done!
Call those things that aren’t as if they are, Call those multitudes that are coming, they ARE coming into You!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit:  Philemon