Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have you been given the Go sign (fromHim),but still you sit?

Nov 28,2011
Have you been given the Go sign,from Him, but still you sit? Still you sit?
Reasoning , thinking, procrastinating!
You know He has given  the Go signs to you, and you are AFRAID to move foreward.
You say to yourself, maybe the time is not right , maybe I have misread or misheard the signs?
When ,in essence ,you are actually delaying the Dream ,the Vision, the Reality , as you talk yourself out of the Go!
What part of Go, I send , Go it is ok, Go I have opened the way, Go I have ordained that it is ready , Go! don't we/ you understand?
Get ready, get set, GO, My people! Do as He has commissioned you to do. Go, and the Dreams and Visions He has given you will be reality.
Do not be afraid ; Go, if you continue to sit, you are the one blocking the Vision.
You are the one Not carrying out what He clearly has told you to do! 
Glory, glory, glory to Him, that has given you All the dreams and Visions, Glory that He has said GO! All Things Are Ready!

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