Monday, October 31, 2011

Sing a Song

9/24/11 9;00 a.m.

Sing a song of Zion
Oh Zion, Oh Zion
Hear us Father, Hear us Father
Things are breaking down All over.
We need You, we NEED YOU!

Only You are the answer
Stand a little closer, yes move a little closer
Only He can do it through you, Yes through you.

No, you are not a Lone Ranger but only as Tonto ,
Only as a participant , a participant in the glory,
A participant that He has,
Blessed to be a blessing ,will we know that our participation is through Him!
There is no other way,
There is no other way.

Throw the doors open(sanctuary) , profess loudly All that He has for us!

To achieve those greater works that He talked about--
Those greater works are waiting for us--- to pick up the mantle!
It is not conditional, it is FOR SURE, It is FOR EVERLASTING,
We did not EARN it, and we are not DUE it,
But for the fact that we are SONS and Daughters of the most High God

We praise you Father, we adore you Father, and
we are LOOKING FORWARD to being Used  by YOU!
And doing those Greater works , for the body, THROUGH YOU!
We are willing vessels !

Pour into Us,
Pour into Us,
Pour into Us,
Until we overflow.
Until we overflow
With Your Grace, Amen and Amen

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