Monday, October 24, 2011

Gated Communities

Gated Communites, do we live there to keep others out ,or wall ourselves in? Think of this in spiritual , spiritual terms.
Do we try and get away from those that need?
Aside from what we see as safety concerns: are we radiating out to reach others, or are we using this to separate?
When did we last volunteer,or mentor or just mix in with others ? If so great! If not is it not the TIME?
Reach out today,reach out this week,this  month, this year!
Take the Lord at His word ,that we become the Light!
Bloom where you are planted and let it radiate from your center (heart),let it go beyond the gates and run down the streets and into other communities , to other people groups.
Get out of your comfort zone; do as He did walk amongst them.   See the good that you can do beyond the gates, beyond the walls.
What's your city?
Just share and shine , as He would have you shine and share,today!                      

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