Thursday, October 27, 2011


Wed 10/26/11
4:25 pm

Do we want MORE from Him? Or do we want DEEPER and more intimate, and dare I say,less shallow?
As we pray we really believe we want MORE, we want to have added to us more things, more truths,       more ministry, more , more more.
Let us ask for DEEPER, DEEPER, DEEPER, in You.

No more, Not to have faith  to go through, yes, the faith to go through; Give us DEEPER  let us KNOW, that the Holy Spirit has "our backs", so to speak!
Actually our fronts & our sides and our head and underneath, too! Hallelujah!

Father Deepen my/our relationship with you, let us KNOW  you more intimately, than our earthly mother, father, husband, wife, sister, brother ALL the earthly relationships; give us ,Father, understanding of the DEEP and abinding sense of YOU.
Take us back to when You  first KNEW us , before yes before, we had earthly relationships.
You KNEW us , You KNEW us in the garden, You KNEW us! May we KNOW YOU, may we KNOW YOU,so that it will astound us, more than the most extended math equation, more than infinity?
Let us KNOW YOU, let us have fellowship and partnership with only YOU?
Let us KNOW the DEEP things so that we alone will call DEEP to DEEP between ourselves, between You and I . Amen and Amen , selah so be it!

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