Monday, October 17, 2011

Follow up to Joy (chara)!

10:00 am

Prophetic dreams of You come to us in the night to Lift us and
Take us higher in You, in You.

Oh Father, thank you that You have given us free will, that You
Give us Permission to choose You!
Yes Father we choose You, we Choose YOU!

We choose You with all the JOY and love that we have, the Joy (chara)   
That You have given us; we return it back to You!
We know it certainly is downsized greatly from Your own Joy but,
We will choose to go higher in that Love and Joy (chara)-

Father, Father, Father give us time to be able to have that grow
And grow in us, exponentially, cubed and to infinity!!

We love You
We love You
We love You, we do!

Bless us and keep us hidden, hidden in You
So the world will see You,
And only You-

Glory, Glory, Glory Glorify You
The originator and author of ALL things, All things
Bless His Holy Name!                                                                       

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