Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Tuesday 10/25/11
9:30 am
What is meant ,really,by insight?
In (in myself, in me); sight (see, see further)
is that what He would have us see,?What He would have us know?

Divine Insight is something very special,very rare--as we get Closer to Him, with this rare divine insight we become keener and keener within.
Trust yourself, trust Him, that He is building inside of you, as we get Closer to Him!
As you build relationship!
This is His desire that He has relationship with you,that He and you enjoy communion!

Koinonia ; having in common (koinos) partnership, fellowship  (communiate) the share which one has in anything, a partcipation ,thus it is said a common experience

Let us use the insight into Him that He is illuminating everyday to us, Let us share and have Koinonia (communion) with our God-so the revelations and insights  into ourselves and the world around us Grows and Grows!

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