Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Journey (Hodos)/Purpose

Hodos (journey) a way, path, road, used of a travellers way, a journey

You know the saying "I would not take nothing for my Journey", meaning that the journey produced a result now (that) the person appreciates all that transpired to get to where he/she is now!
What about you ,what of your (hodos) Journey? Do you see purpose ,now?
or are you still letting the journey defeat you?

The journey was what it was, what are you doing now?  Your journey NOW is where your focus should be.
How is your journey NOW?  Do you see purpose? Do you see His hand?
Because if you don't dear reader, dear loved one, then your HODOS(journey) is not serving you well and fulfilling its PURPOSE!
What do you want me to do,Father? Where do you want me to go? What is my Purpose?
Is your journey (hodos), right now fulfilling that purpose, the very purpose you were put here (on earth) to do now, right now?
Are you taking the path of least resistance, because it is less resistant (in your eyes)?
Ask Him today, Father, Father, Holy Spirit, Savior, Am I fulfilling my Purpose?
Does my journey now (hodos), help me to go to the places I need to be, and the frame of mind to get where I need to be, and the Purpose to which you have called me---
No more shrinking back, no more covering up, no more lagging behind  in the shadows--
Let your journey start to reflect your PURPOSE, Selah!

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