Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept 16,2011
8:50 a.m.

Work through the pain ,My loves, Work through the PAIN
It is not there to hurt you,
I will use it though, I will use it in the end to Bless you.

To Bless you, to Bless you!
In the end it will Bless you!

I will use ALL, All at My disposal to treat you and to make you well.

Lift up your head,
Lift up your heart
Lift up the you in Me,
In Me, the you that is within Me!

I created you in My image ,in My image
And what I behold is GOOD!
What I behold is good!
Do not tempt and do not put out and away the gifts,
Yes the Gifts, I have bestowed on you.

Flow in Me
Flow in Me
Flow in Me
Flow in Me
Flow in Me
Flow in Me
Flow in Me

Yes seven times, perfection and completion                                                     
Do you not want this?
Do you not strive everyday for this perfection and completion in Me!

Step to ward it
Step toward it
Step toward it!
And “let it rip”, “let it rip”

The Days are coming and yet are Here
That I AM pouring , pouring, pouring out from Me
To help protect you , to help complete you!

Do you think only in the movies can they say” I complete you”.
For I say, “I complete you, I complete you”

Now step out
Now step out , of the boat, step out of the boat
And walk on the water, walk on the water, dear one.

Put down your NET ,it is time to be
The fishers of men ,that I have called you to be

And We say : Glory, glory, glory  to the name of the Lord,
Complete us, Father!                     

additonall,y He is saying, that we are put here to help the underdog, in some shape or form, we are here to help the underdogs in life.

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