Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Focus-Nothing will take you from Me/additionally- angels

Date?, 2011
Jackie Thomas

Focus, As I have instructed you, do not get your eyes Off the prize, as they say.
The reward will be that Nothing, Nothing , Nothing will take you away from Me,
Not your house, not your job, not your husband or your wife, not your children;
Nothing, Nothing, Nothing will take you away from Me.

I say, with single-mindedness with All determination
Because I have determined from birth that you  are Mine!
Yes, you are Mine, so

Focus and in that focus you will walk sure and certain in Me, says the Amen, says the I AM

*Additionally, I saw  a program last night on the CMT network (Country Music Network, go figure) , I was just passing the dial when I saw this man talking about being in the 9-11 crash down of the Towers building, and said to myself,” how can this be because he was talking to us now in present day," they re-dramatized with an actor, what happened but, the real life guy was also taking. He spoke about this “voice” he did not see anyone, but a “voice” kept telling him to get up when he was knocked down, awake when he fell asleep from the fumes and then walk, start walking toward and through the fire in the staircase to go down, he was actually on the ground floor when the building  fell on him, but he was picked out and saved. Another young lady Miss Guzman, I think her name was,  in the other tower and was taking of her high heels in the staircase after the first blast and then the building fell on her. She was in some  type of air pocket when she “heard and felt” someone ,say “hold my hand “through another crawl space next to her she never say his face , she asked him what his name was and he said Paul and he talked to her, she was the last to be pulled out after 26 hours. When they pulled her out , she said, “ look for Paul he held my hand the whole time”, they looked there was no “Paul”.
One more fellow in the Pentagon blast heard and saw a shadowy figure “ say crawl this way ", everywhere he crawled was burning and his hands burnt as he crawled around and the “voice” directed him the way to get out. And he got out through a door and a window and was rescued.
These, all three , have recognized that the “voice” and the one shadowy figure was the voice and the hand of Angels. They are alive, after being treated today and are living life and praising everyday. I believe, it solidified my belief , do you believe ? Think of Him and the angels He sent today.

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