Friday, September 30, 2011

Praise Him Anyhow-He is More Than Enough!

Praise Him Anyhow
He is More Than Enough!
Sept 29, 2011
Jackie Thomas

You (God) are More than Enough, More than Enough!
Do we realize this?

Do you give Him, Praise and Glory for this?
Do you humble yourself and Kneel and Praise Him Out Loud?-

Do we make Him the One who is High and lifted UP, in our lives-

Praise Him in the house
Praise Him on the land
Praise Him in the air
Praise Him on the sea
Praise Him while you drive
Praise Him while you sit
Praise Him in your sleep!

Praise Him ANYWAY
Praise Him ANYWAY

Throw your hands UP!
Dance in it!
He is worth it, He is …
Worthy to be Praised!

Do it Anyway
Do it Anyway!

Let the light of His presence
Fill the room
Fill the hall
Spill out and Go Down the Street
Hover over the highways
Go across the Bridges
Up through the skyscrapers
(and like in the movies)

Over the city, over the states, through the capitol cities,
Over the Nation and Over the World!
PRAISE HIM ANYHOW!              

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