Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome Holy Spirit.....

12/14/11 9:30 am
Welcome Hoy Spirit, Welcome Holy Spirit!

What a day this is, What a day this is!
I come to Empower you, I come to Bless you, I come to Endue you with Power!
I come to Hover over you, I come to Bless you, I come to Love you, I come that you may be, I come so that in Me, you may Be!
Take the I Am, and use it to do far, far, far beyond  what you could ever do, ever do, without Me!
Follow Me, My child follow Me, for you are My sheep, you are My passion, you are My children and I bless you, I bless you!
Walk with Me today for we are one, in the Holy Spirit, we are one , Inside of you, Inside of you!
Never deny Me, never deny Me!
 I died so that the Spirit of God, My Spirit, would dwell  with-in you, forever, forever!

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