Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Connection" Revelations!

Prelude to todays blog: Yesterday in a  consignement/thrift store I have been in often, when I went to check out ,I went around the corner on this four-sided island that is used for checking out, (when I get an opportunity), I usually take the hangers off for them and separate the items. This time I was on the other side where I do not ever go and was separating them on the glass display, letting several others go first who only had one thing apiece. I was going about my business separating  hangers and was almost through ,looked down under the glass case and behold there was a preacher/evangelist 's Cd of a conference, it was pratically free, so I said let me have that conference tape/bundle too. She went through and there were several CD's , one out of place and loose and did not seem to have a plastic holder in there for it. I said not to worry I will watch it when I open it. I also told her well since I never come on this part of your counters and never buy anyhting from under this glass, I believe it was supposed to be and He is trying to tell me something. Friends let me say I played this morning starting with the CD that was "out of place". Was it ever for me and speaking directly to me re: "connections", I have always been about "connections"  for even He has called me a connector, as well. It (CD) was to tell me of the divine connections and the things that even seemed eschew ,shall we say, that even they were to push for divine connections. Here of late there has been new and ever more connectedness I am seeing and sensing in His plan. Thank You Father, for showing me even in those things that I thought were not very "good" or did not seem that I should be removed from, were to push me into further and further connections and the plan for my life,  to be able to meet others and to see Your weaving.
I suggest to us all today, look at these "connections" that He is bringing into your lives, yes He severed some, because they were not the "connections" , to do the work He was looking for you to do. Be aware that they are coming and in the works, ( "connections")  to thrust you in the middle of His plan for you.
Tomorrow for me is one of those new "connections", I know in my heart that it will be the beginning of setting many free and blessing them with what You would have them blessed for. Look for these new "connection" revelations in your life , as well.  For we don't know what or whom He will use to bring these things (connections) into place!Glory, glory to His name!

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