Friday, December 16, 2011

Faith--believing, even without immediate evidence to the contrary

Faith, believing ,even without evidence to the contrary that it will be, Just Believe, Just believe! Trust Him!

I've been released to tell you this true story in my life:
My mother, surely a woman of faith: We were walking along myself and my two siblings, early morning going to church, we walked sometimes along a major road with a lot of traffic. I started skipping along (remember when you used to skip, as a child) ,and went a little ahead when Suddenly, on a bush in plain sight was dollar bills of money strewn all over this bush "in plain sight", I beckoned my MoM and ,of course, started picking the money off the bush, there was no one else around , no one before or behind us that could have conceiveably let the money go, so we collected and gave to Mommy.
She remarked  after we counted how much, "this is exactly the amount I have been praying for ".
My Mom , was a woman of prayer and a woman of faith, she beleived God. I have been told a dozen years ago almost, that you had an encounter with an angel when you were a child, I'd like to think that this was at least one time that I did . Let us all Pray for Faith, today!

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