Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let Go and Let Him!

12/21/11 8:00 am
I, like some of you, have several , shall we call them, different 'projects' that are clearly 'up in the air', so to speak. We are awaiting either a go ahead or to have closure. I/we want to put our hand on it, we want to help (it) along. Patience is not something that is at work here. The temptaion is awesome to try and tweak, adding or subtracting, meeting or not meeting.
Today, today, I pray for 'letting go and let Him.' whether to go forward or to release , will not be determined by me!
So as the end of this year (natural) approaches ; I pray that I let go, and await with patience, the  loose ends of these 'projects' to come together or unravel,as he will have them. Some are major and some may be considered to be minor, but letting go is what shall be, is what shall be!
Stay my hand, Father, and raise Yours, Amen and amen.
Post script: right before getting ready to type this from writing tablet to blog. He answered me and gave me permission and the go ahead to pursue and tie up some loose ends on one 'project'. Isn't God good!

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