Sunday, December 11, 2011

Has He given you a burden (Baros)?

Is He giving you a burden for something : a certain people, a certain group, a certain cause?
Know that if you pray this, He is increasing that Burden. You are to get up, Arise and Do. Again get up, Arise and Do! You may not have the same burden,as your nearest and dearest,even your husband , your wife or your family, however, He intends that you carry out what He is telling you to do!
Can you imagine, if we All actually did that. How light the physical "burden" would begin to be for those in need, they would begin to have a "light "  time. That would free them up, to see Him, to see Jesus! To know , as in the bible, that these things that Jesus did was for our example, for our example.
Give in today,start to pray your "burden" ( your mission , your commission ,as it were) from Him, from Him!

Burden-Baros (greek) designated a weight, anything pressing on, or demands on resources material or spiritual or religious

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