Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feeding the Hungry!

Feeding the hungry! 
He inspires me 99.5% of the time to talk about feeding your soul and your bond to getting Closer to Him and to Arise!
Today  let me talk to you about PHYSICAL HUNGER!
In yesterday's St. Pete Times newspaper (so that would be the 12/7 issue front page of 1b Tampa Bay section)- Headlines: there were 1,900 people in line, from first morning until dark, to get a box of food (Beaming Hope ministries -St Pete)
You skeptics! do you think they were faking?; the interviewer , interviewed some people in line ,the first ever that they had been in a food distribution line.  They are HUNGRY!
Do not turn a deaf ear to them, do  not turn a deaf ear to them! It looks like He wants me back involved again, back to help in what He gives me to do, in what He has told me I have a place helping and implementing in food for Hungry people.
Oh Lord, let us implement You, let us follow you; You on the mountaintops ,You in the plains -- feeding the hungry Thousands , thousands. Get INVOLVED!
I know today the St Pete Dream Center is also distributing food. Get involved! Get involved! He is calling me back to help in the capacities He designates.
Thank you Feeding America, we thank you.

Also bank of America is getting involved on their website they are matching 2 to 1, for every 1 dollar donated they will put in two!
Go to Bankof   you may designate to what food center. I urge you to think of St Pete Dream Center on 9th st S, St Pete, or to another location , get involved!
For He knew it would begin to feed the INNER man!

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