Tuesday, December 20, 2011

and to each a measure of faith......

12/20/11 9:25 am
How much is your measure?
Is there such a thing as too much faith? How shall we extend that measure? Will He give us the mental fortitude to make it through? Trust Him, Try Him that He extend even further that measure of faith!
Make that your prayer today:
Abba Father , I/we would like a greater measure of faith, today. You are our intecessor and advocate, you beech continously on our behalf; today, today Father extend this measure and help us to walk through it All and straight into Your arms. May we put our head on Your chest as You sing to us , and nurture us far beyond any mother or father would do- Thank You Father, Thank You Abba, thank You Mighty One, mighty, mighty God, Mighty Wonder , capture our hearts! Thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son.
We bend our knees and say, thank You!

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