Monday, February 13, 2012

Hear Her "Heartcry"!

Before the times change and we go on to something else. I pray that the death of Whitney Houston speaks to the depth of "pain" that people fight and wage with, even in our very presence! Was lead to pray  and intercede for Whitney with  my cousin and some others several years ago, for this I now believe was for now! I am certainly not and addiction counselor, but I have connections to have met and been parts of communities that do deal with it. Rather dual addicted are not, the depth of "pain" is still there though hidden sometimes, the fear of "whatever" rears its' head. Let us listen and listen and listen again help us to do whatever we can and are called to do to be a support ,not enabling system, a support system  to hear the  cries of their heart by seeking and standing in the gap with Him for them. We know that Whitney had a relationship with our Father and for that we Praise Him. For we know that she knew how to call on Him. Let us do whatever we can do today, to hear these "heart cries" and let her death spur many to seek help from a physical (what the world knows of addiction help) and from a loving God to fill that void. Yes, that void that is only meant for Him, but that is being filled by other secular things. May we all seek to hear the heart "cries" of others! Multitude of blessings, pray especially for Bobbi Christina and her mother and brother .

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