Monday, February 13, 2012

Adoration of the World

Saturday night 2/11/12( prologue: I wrote this Sat. night before Sunday morning . I was trying to say that for Whitney Houston , the ebb and flow of the public, especially in the last several years; may have been difficult when the public started to see her in the last several years and comparing to her former sound they were not quite as adoring then..... sometimes that is hard to take that change, in the public acceptance of her voice, then)

Adoration of the public is fickle and can ebb and flow, leaning to discern some false adoration must teach us that His love and His value is only what we need. Blessings to Whitney Houston's family and thank you for that "voice" that was given to her and she was able to share with us. We thank you Father for having watched over her, for all these years. I urge all to listen to the BET awards from 2010 and hear her "heart" with she and Kim Burrell ,"I look to You". I am sooo glad they did that duet.

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