Monday, February 20, 2012

Antenna (God's)

This morning: I have a makeshift antenna that was rigged up to replace the antenna on my boom box (yes I know old school ,huh) it kept falling out and I was cognizant of how the radio station sounded with and then without the antenna. Although the sound and reception came through without it (antenna) but boy oh boy, the sound with it resonated at a better tone, and better volume,better quality,over all. Right away I thought of this in terms of the Father and ultimately the Holy Spirit within us. We can do things sometime in our own right (without and antenna) but oh my the difference with an antenna (God's directions and guidance) in our lives. I don't know about you , I do not want to go around with only a minuscule amount of reception in my life. The full-bodied and the quality alone would be something to desire. Let us not go it alone. Let us have our antenna (Godly) in ALL that we do, in ALL that we do say and ultimately be. I thank Him for His antenna in my  life!

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