Monday, January 2, 2012

Speed and Human Potential

1/2/11 10:10 AM
You have to believe it can be done, speed of light was created. The speed of light was created. There will come a time when this speed will become easy for us as human potential. Movement quick as thought. He did it when He was yet still here on earth.  Do we believe that we have the Potential? Potential means : Capable of being ,but not yet in existence ;latent. We have the potential to do many things with the Belief that He has released us to do it. Don't say ,no it can't be done and shake our heads because we have, the Human  Potential to do many things that we are not walking in right now!
Let this, 2012, be the time that we start walking in this POTENTIAL. The potential to love completely, to rely completely (on Him) to go where He directs us to go, possibly even at the speed of light to be there and back If it is His desire! These world conflicts that have ensued, can be reduced to manageable conflicts, we have the Potential.  Are we sabatoging that potential by unbelief, yes UNBELIEF.
When He encourages us to step out, when He (through the Holy Spirit), says, "Yes You Can", Yes You can! Do you believe? Do you believe?  Let us open our minds ,this year ; this year of 2012  to the POTENTIAL, He has placed with us and within us. Live up to your potential! He wants us to just believe, Just Believe!                    

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