Tuesday, January 17, 2012

House of God, get you healed and Whole, and get on your assignment!

We all run to the house of the Lord because we are hurting, we are devastated in Our lives. Well it is Time dear people of God,to arise and let go, Let go. It is time for Us to be healed , so that we can step out, Step out; and see the greater things that are being prepared for us to do, and see those come to Me, come to Me, that I have Assigned you to bring unto Me! You must be healed and Whole and ready, ready My people to Bring Them to Me, That I have Assigned to you! Hurry, hurry I say, get you to be healed and Whole! I am ready for you to do those greater things, pick your heads up, Lift Up Your Head, Lift Up Your Eyes, and see your redemption come. Then walk into those greater things, walk into those greater things. Lift Up Your Head and Be Encouraged! I await you, I await you, says the Father and the Spirit. I want to make you fishers of Men!

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