Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 1st Accusation....

Do you realize the first accusation in the written word (the Bible),was uttered by Adam about his wife (this woman you gave me...) God never accused Adam and Eve,He asked questions but He did not accuse.
Then why do we ? going so far as to accuse ourselves. going over and over and over things from the past, that are forgiven. Things that do us no good to continue to reprise. When and "old' accusation comes up in our minds, "Say No, I will not have that (thought), I will move forward, I will not accuse myself or allow forces to conspire against me to bring that accusation up.
Do you remember that line Spock from Star Trek used to say? I remember it just now, it is apropos for this time; Live long and prosper!  

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