Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For it Came to Them in a dream.....

For it came to him in a dream: Joseph- (the husband of Mary) was told to get up and take his family and flee but not to go by way of a certain city, but to go and remain in a different city. It came to him in a dream: Jacob-as he laid his head on the stone (pillow) he saw angels coming up and down the stairs that went from the heavens to the earth, and from earth to the heavens.
It came in a dream: Joseph (son of Jacob) that he dreamt his whole family including 11 brothers and father would bow down to him in submission to his authority. This same Joseph-interpreting the dream of the King: The seven good yeas and the seven lean years (famine)-this interpretation catapulted him to the second highest office in the land , planning for the seven lean years (famine).  It came in a dream: Gideon was told to go down to the tent of the enemy camp and  listen and overheard the dream of the soldier talking about the bread that would tumble into the camp and overtake and destroy their camp and they knew it was Gideon's army that the dream meant. ..and Gideon and his forces defeated the Midianites.  We could go on for there are many instances of dreams and the interpretation of others' dreams in  the bible. Have you had any dreams (good ones) of directions?

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