Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Open your eyes and see, just how many are with you!

Oct 11,11 
Remember to hide All your guilt and shame in Me
For I will remember you and remove ALL that harms you
Yes, All that harms you,
When you walk with guilt and shame still, your walk is hindered , hindered.

You will not use All at your disposal All I have given you,
to conquer that guilt and shame .
Thus it will be counterproductive
It (guilt and shame) will NOT move you forward,
It will NOT allow you to grow, it will NOT allow you
To get Closer to Me.

Do not hide them (guilt and shame) Conquer them.
Open your eyes and look around because like Elijah
When he prayed for his servants’ eyes to be opened,
so he could see how many were with him.
I say, open your eyes today and SEE how,  who and
How many are with you, just how many are with you,
for this is the word of the Lord for you today. Amen

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