Friday, August 26, 2011


8/24/11 10:30 am
Jackie Thomas


I plant you and transplant you where I will, for My purposes, for My purposes.
Do not wiggle and squiggle and try to get out -because it is for My purposes, and
My purposes  Alone, because you can not discern My Entire Purpose  until I reveal to you  My, yes My ENTIRE will for this Time.

Just continue  in this path  I have directed you to,  till Times, and Times and ½  Times shall pass.

Then  My direct will and plan will be revealed .

At That Time, at that very Time, you will say Aha I SEE  what You were doing here    
what You were doing There, I SEE, I SEE said the blind eye, I SEE, I SEE   says His Truth!        

Title:  I Hear Your Voice Calling My Name
May1, 2011 *10  minutes after I finished at 11:30 pm husband ran in to say , Bin Laden was killed 

I Hear Your Voice Calling My Name
I Hear Your Voice Calling My Name
I Hear Your Voice Calling My Name
Father, Father I Desire to follow You Alone
To Follow You alone
For I hear Your Voice calling My Name
Calling My Name

He said, Daughter , Son of Mine
I make you Fishers Of Men
Fishers of Men
I make You…..Fishers of Men
Father , Father
I Hear You calling My name
Calling, Calling ,Calling  My Name
He said son, son , daughter
I make You fishers of men
Fishers, Fishers, Fishers of Men
Drop what you are doing and answer My call
Answer, Answer, Answer My call
He said Daughter, son, I make you fishers of men
Fishers, fishers, Fishers of men

Follow ,Follow, Follow 

And Feed My sheep
Follow, Follow Follow
And Feed My lambs
For I call Your name ,
For I call Your Name ,
Your Name                 

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