Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Smooth Stone

A word/prayer
Jackie Thomas, a scribe  
In the day of my infirmity you looked on me , and saw your hurting child and saw your reflection ; I called on you and you scooped me up as a hurting child to make it ALL better, Father we/I dive into your arms right now, right now, and pursue whatever giants are looming in our way. whatever giants as David did with Goliath and said "where is that filthy Philistine (means the enemy of my people) who DARES to talk against My God/Our God/YOUR God.
He was defeated with one SMOOTH stone, he defied ALL that came against him including what others perceived as his inadequacy, David NEVER felt that way.
David saw himself as MORE than the Giant, More than, and was emboldened as You resided inside of him.

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